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Backgrounds HD (Wallpapers)

动态壁纸 个性化

##OGQ高清桌布已经达到80,000,000+下载全世界! ## 高清桌布提供免费壁纸从艺术家世界各地。
✔全世界80,000,000+用户 ✔壁纸由手工采摘OGQ个性化您的手机屏幕 ✔每天新的壁纸和图片 ✔所有的照片显示艺术家和授权信息,并链接回原来的源 ✔无需担心电池或者内存。OGQ高清桌布是不是桌面。我们不提供铃声或通知或图标包,甚至动态壁纸。只需专注墙纸图像本身。 ✔作物和设置壁纸应用程序中,以适合您的屏幕 ✔检查出什么是热 - 每日,每月及全部时间。 ✔标记您的收藏夹并管理下载历史记录 ✔将图像保存到您的相册 ✔容易通过相关的标签和30+类别搜索 ✔分享美丽的壁纸与其他应用程序和人 ✔我们简单的时钟部件装饰你的屏幕 ✔提交您自己的照片来传播他们遍布世界各地。
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## OGQ Backgrounds HD has hit 80,000,000+ DOWNLOADS worldwide! ##
Backgrounds HD offers free wallpapers from artists all over the world.
✔ 80,000,000+ users worldwide✔ 8,000+ wallpapers hand picked by OGQ to personalize your phone screen✔ New wallpapers and images every day✔ All photos display artist and license info and link back to their original source✔ No need to worry about battery or memory. Backgrounds HD is not a launcher. we don't offer ringtones or notifications or icon packs or even live wallpapers. Simply focuses on the wallpaper image itself.✔ Crop and set wallpapers within the app to fit your screen ✔ Check out what's hot - daily, monthly and all-time. ✔ Mark your favorites and manage download history✔ Save the images to your album✔ Search easily through related tags and 30+ categories✔ Share beautiful wallpapers with other apps and people✔ Decorate your screen with our simple clock widget ✔ Submit your own photos to spread them all over the world.
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A Note about permissions :
Your privacy is very important. We only ask for the permissions that are essential for the app to be used properly. We use
- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to save the wallpapers to your own device’s storage.
- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission to read the saved wallpapers from your storage and also let you upload the image selected from your own gallery.
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